Showtime Services

Wash and Wax

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Our Foam Baths and touchless wash combination with a “two bucket method” prevent scratches that occur when washing your vehicle improperly. They are also known as “swirls” or “love marks”. A wash includes tires, wheels, fender wells, exterior mirrors and windows and a tire dressing. We also offer and highly recommend a paint protection to protect your vehicle from New Mexico’s harsh weather and elements. We offer either a 100% carnuba hand wax or a Ceramic Coating by IGL Coatings. We are Certified and Master Installers.


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Whether you’re needing a simple maintenance vacuum and wipe down or a full on interior shampoo, we can definitely take care of it. We strive toward the best possible results every time. Below are the packages we offer for interiors.

Basic- Includes a vacuum, wipe down of the dash and console area, door panels, interior mirrors and interior windows and door jambs.

Full Interior- Steam, shampoo and extraction of seats and carpets, (if leather, clean and condition) steam and sanitize all plastic interior trim, doors dash/stereo area, door jams, interior mirrors and windows.

Specific area stain removal

Cleaning and Sanitization of any bodily fluids, pet accidents or other spills

Paint Work

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From daily drivers to the most prized possessions, we have saved, restored and corrected MANY vehicles. We take the same careful steps and precautions with a daily driver that we do with a show car. We use the latest technology and machinery, the best products on the market and we are continuously learning from the best detailers in the world to give you the best possible results. (Oxidation removal, paint correction, scratch and scuff removal, etc.)

Other Services

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-Water mark removal (windows)

-Paint touch ups

-Engine bay cleaning

-Headlight restoration

-Plastic trim restoration

-Chrome polish

-Under carriage cleaning



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